[Interview] Oskar, recruitment officer in Sweden

Quick presentation of yourself (background, studies, first jobs, hobbies…)

Hi ya’ll, I’m Oskar 👋 Joined the recruitment team in Gothenburg, Sweden, about two months ago and I’ve been loving it ever since.

My education and experiences are mainly within sales and marketing where I learned a lot about creating long term relationships through value and transparency.

When I’m not sourcing or interviewing great people I enjoy sports, exercising and good food.

How did you hear about MCA? Did you approach the company or were you approached?

I saw a post in my LinkedIn feed that MCA Sweden were looking for a new recruiter. The description said that they were a fairly young, up and coming consultancy company in an expansive phase, which was really appealing to me since I as well felt like a fairly young, up and coming guy looking to expand my horizons.

What convinced you to join MCA SWEDEN at the end?

Well, the main reason to why I decided to accept their offer was that the job description said that they liked dogs, high quality post its and plastic pockets.
Jokes aside, after my interviews I knew that they were good people and since I was looking for a fresh start, what better way is there to start fresh other than with good people around you? 😎

Can you describe a typical day as recruitment officer?

Wake up, kick butt and get stuff done. In a nutshell, find great people and match them with assignments that they’re excited about. Coffee, lots of coffee and “fika” of course.

What are the main challenges you encounter currently?

The biggest challenge I encounter at the moment, since I’m still fairly new at this, is that I am a bit too cautious with what I say and do. Of course it’s good to be cautious but I fear that some of my communication with candidates may have been a bit too formal. It’s important to never ever forget that the person on the other side of the computer screen is a real person who probably appreciate a bit less formality and rather prefer more transparency and openness.

What is your favorite thing about working for MCA Sweden?

A great thing about any occupation is if it doesn’t feel like just a job. Every morning I have woken up and been excited about coming in to the office, grab a cup of coffee, greet my colleagues and hear about how they’re doing. It sounds corny to say but it feels like a family.

What is your life motto? Favorite inspiring quote?

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Tell us more about Sweden and Gothenburg. What is it like, lifestyle-wise? What are the main things to do and explore?

The West coast of Sweden is so hot right now – Mugatu, Zoolander. A bunch of good restaurants popping up every season, closeness to the sea and lakes, nice little pubs, music festivals, culture and sporting events. All in all Gothenburg is a great place to live in right now, especially for professionals within automotive as the industry is progressing really good at the moment.

How do you see yourself evolve in MCA? In 5-year time, your ideal career and job?

I don’t believe in ideal careers and jobs. I believe that we have needs that change and evolve with time. For now I’m very happy with where I am and what I do. In a few years all I can wish for is that I feel the same way regardless of what role or job I possess. Can I see myself progressing within MCA? As it feels right now, absolutely 😊

One fun fact about you?

I’m licensed to officiate on international waters and I’m entitled to the courtesy prefix of “Lord” in Scotland 😎

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