[Interview] Viktor, Senior Business Unit Manager in Stockholm


Hello Viktor, and welcome to MCA ! Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Hello MCA! First of all, it feels really good to be here. I’ve had a great welcome that’s made my first days at MCA very easy.

I am originally from Stockholm, with my mother from the north of Sweden, and my father from Hungary. I grew up in Stockholm, but moved to Linköping to study mechanical engineering (after a year of skiing and biking in Åre). During my professional career, I’ve worked for five years as a consultant in electro-mechanical design and CAE, and for the last three years as an Experienced Business Manager within Stockholm’s Industry sector. When I’m not working, I love to be in the mountains, whether it’s summer or winter.

How were you approached by MCA ? And why deciding to work for MCA?

I was initially approached by Coralie over LinkedIn, and decided to respond to her request because the position offered was precisely aligned with what I had set my goals on over the last year. As usually is the case, what happened was a combination of good timing, a good feeling for the persons I met, and a pinch of chance.

You are taking the lead on the opening of MCA SWEDEN in Stockholm. What are the main challenges here in term of business ?

Stockholm is one of the world’s top hot-spots for startups in tech, and this together with the presence of many of the leading Swedish industry companies open up for so many opportunities. The challenge on the Stockholm engineering market is definitely finding the right people for these opportunities. The level of development that these companies are at continues to impress me, which means that it’s hard to find the top engineers who are able to perform at this level.

For your future team, what are the main qualities you are looking for in your work partners ?

Like I mentioned in the previous question, what’s needed is a high level of competence coupled with a very good sense of what the consultant position means. Whether you’re junior or senior, the companies continue to ask for people who are highly technically skilled with a flexible and committed mindset.

What is the best thing about working in Stockholm, what does this city brings; lifestyle wise ?

Definitely being the Capital of Scandinavia – Stockholm is as diverse when it comes to business opportunities as it is with lifestyle choices, all wrapped up in a very beautiful and well-maintained city. With its geographic (and cultural) division over several smaller islands, there’s something for everyone to do here! We have established the Stockholm office in the thriving innovation hub Epicenter, where the diverse and energetic environment of Stockholm is very evident.

How would you define your integration to MCA in 3 words?

Smooth, exciting and fast-paced!

How do you see yourself evolve, career wise, into MCA ?

Difficult question… I try to live in the here and now - how the future unfolds fully depends on the work me and my colleagues will be doing today!

What is your favorite “motivation/business” quote ?

Wow, even harder… First thing that came to mind is “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Being stressed out is something that I always try to avoid, and much of it can be avoided by taking a few minutes to gather your thoughts and set up a plan, no matter the situation.

What would you advice to someone who would like to build the same career as you ?

Keep in mind that wonders don’t happen in a day. Keep doing a good job, and new opportunities will come to you. Also, find what makes you committed and make sure to share the positive energy from this commitment with your surroundings.

One fun fact about yourself ?

Ask me about what it’s like to ski amongst brown bears and volcanos in Kamchatka, how I ended up in North Korea, or how I broke out of Transnistria.

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