[Interview] Peter, consultant

Hello Peter, could you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Peter. I am 35 years old and I live in Gothenburg with my two sons. I studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers with a Master in Micro Technology. Since then I’ve worked with active safety as a consultant for both Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks.

My current project is at ASTA Zero where I work with analysis and verification on active safety for CEVT (China European Vehicle Technology) and their cars, Lync & Co.

Why did you choose to work for MCA Sweden? What were your motives?

After my second parental leave I was up for a new challenge. Sara in HR approached me with an invite to a first interview. I already had friends that worked at MCA and they had nothing but good things to say about it. I also got a very good first impression of the managers that I met and the selection of assignments I could choose from.

Tell us more about your current project. What is a typical day for you at work?

I’m responsible for all our test vehicles, including planning and prepping with test equipment for data logging to supplier. In the last few months I have started to work with some of all the research projects that ASTA Zero is involved in. I also conduct tests at our test track and analyze log files from tests. This means that it’s hard to list a typical day since they are all pretty different ;)

What are your future plans, career wise? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I really like my present situation at work and the development towards autonomous driving is really exciting. Since ASTA is involved both in the development and the research field I find myself in the middle of this development. I look forward to an increasing complexity of tests and test equipment.

We heard that you are attending the World Championships in OCR (OCRWC). It’s amazing! What does OCR mean and what is it?

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing and comes in many shapes and forms. It usually means running a trail track of 5-15 km with 20-100 obstacles of different sizes and complexity. It is a sport for everyone since most races can be completed by almost anyone. To be really good you have to train very all-round with running, climbing, obstacle technique and strength.

How do you manage to share your time between this hobby and work life?

I’m blessed with the possibility to plan my own time to a large extent. This means that I can exercise during lunch 1-3 times every week. All my colleagues are invited to these sessions and we are usually 2-4 people each time. Other than that I try to practice some obstacle technique or a longer run on the afternoons and weekends.

What about OCRWC in October? Do you have specific goals for this competition?

In this championship you get a wristband before start. You get to try every obstacle as many times as you like but if you cannot complete an obstacle your band is cut and you no longer compete for a position. You can still finish the race and get a medal thou. My goal is definitely to finish with my wristband intact

You also use a lot of Instagram and social networks to promote yourself: do you think nowadays the use of social media is mandatory, even for companies?

Since a lot of people today use less “old media” and more social media I think it is a natural development to be visible on those platforms to be seen at all. Also it gives excellent opportunities for people to interact with their present of future employers and vice versa.

Last but not least, why would you recommend MCA to colleagues and friends?

There is a good range of assignments to choose from depending on interests and skills. I like the size (number of colleagues) of the Gothenburg office. It feels like the distance to managers is short and the power to influence my own situation is good. Also the HR department and managers are really nice and fun to hang with.

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